Indoor Range

Here we will post our activities for the Indoor Range which is now open during certain hours for activities which may be available to non members and members as well as specific youth groups. We hold hours open to all Wednesday evenings from 6 to 8pm.

Please stay tuned! See the calendar for upcoming events.

These events will be open to members, their guests and the public. 
As with all things at the club, safety is a primary concern. Safety in shooting, and safety in the health of our members. We do not yet have a formal set of rules for the range, so will be playing it by ear. Among the tentative rules for the range are:
  1. The indoor range is limited to airguns and archery equipment only. Absolutely no firearms are allowed in the indoor range. Certain high-powered airguns may be disallowed at the discretion of the Indoor Range Committee. We do have some archery equipment suitable for children up to about age 10, and we have a couple of air rifles as well. We may acquire more equipment going forward to accommodate growing interest in youth activities.
  2. Eye protection is a must. Hearing protection may be required depending on the guns being used, and you should bring it.
  3. Coronavirus health precautions are required. Bring your facemasks – we may or may not require them when on the firing line. We intend to observe social distancing, and may have to limit the number of people allowed in the range. If you are feeling ill, please stay away. We owe it to our fellow club members to keep them safe.
The current members of the Indoor Range Committee are and their contact info is on the directory page:
George Spino
John Martin
Tom Raymond
John Koletis
Warren Graumann 
Ed Ashley