Indoor Range

Our brand new Indoor Range IS open for shootingairgun and archery only –
Please contact one of our Committee Chairs/members see below) for more information about when to shoot.
(Wednesday evenings 6PM to 8PM will start agin FALL 2021).
These events are open to the public as of 18 May, our members, their guests, and any youngsters if you have or can borrow some – that’s why we built this range. They are our future.
As with all things at the club, safety is a primary concern. Safety in shooting, and safety in the health of our members.
Our club Board of Directors and Committee Chairs urge everyone to participate in the most current COVID-19 safety protocols and support community. If you are unwell, please stay home. 
The rules for the range apply at all times and are:
  1. The indoor range is limited to airguns and archery equipment only. Absolutely no firearms are allowed in the indoor range. Certain high-powered airguns may be disallowed at the discretion of the Indoor Range Committee. We do have some archery equipment suitable for children up to about age 10, and we have a couple of air rifles as well.
  2. Eye protection is a must. Hearing protection may be required depending on the guns being used, and you should bring it.
  3.  We observe social distancing, and will limit the number of people allowed in the range. If you are feeling ill, please come back another time. We owe it to our fellow club members to keep them safe.
  4. If you can’t make it Wednesday evenings but are interested in using the indoor range at other times, please contact one of our Indoor Range Committee Members. If there is sufficient interest, we will try to schedule other regular events on this range. We put a lot of effort into building it, and it needs to be used.
    Come join us for some fun. And bring those kids!
    See our CONTACT LIST Page: John Martin, Tom Raymond, George Spino, John Koletis, John Collins, warren Graumann, or Ed Ashley.