2022 President’s Cup

The 2022 President’s Cup’s first match was Saturday, August 20th at the Falmouth Rod & Gun Club rifle range from 9 am to 4 pm.

Here are the details about this year’s event:

This year, we added a “new” event to the President’s Cup: the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program (MQP) alongside the President’s Cup.

As in previous years, the President’s Cup will be a friendly competition between clubs. The course of fire will be:

Any safe .22 or .17 HMR rimfire rifle and ammunition weighing 8.5 pounds or less,

no hooked butt plates, no Schuetzen butt plates or palm rests, no slings.

Any sights, including scopes.

NRA A-23/5 targets at 50 yards

Firing from the bench, rifles supported by “elbows on the bench”.

All targets turned in will be scored.

The MQP is a stepwise progression where shooters can earn patches and rockers from Pro-Marksman through Distinguished Expert by shooting and scoring targets. Adding the MQP will give shooters who are still developing their skills the opportunity to participate. The Rules for the President’s Cup are the same as the Rules of the MQP. The same targets and distance are used, too.


Entry (includes 1 target): $8.00

Re-entry: $1

Re-entry for Junior shooters participating in MQP only: $0.50.

There will be hot dogs, burgers, various chips and soft drinks available for purchase.

We may have some .22 LR ammo available for junior shooters.

Reference material on the MQP can be found at Qual Book_06.qxd (nra.org)

htps://mqp.nra.org/documents/pdf/education/training/marksmanship/qualbook.pdf at pp. 18-19/48