Trap Shooting

TRAP ON SUNDAYS IS OPEN to the Public, club members, and guests.

Our club Board of Directors and Committee Chairs urge everyone to participate in ALL STATE MANDATED COVID-19 safety protocols and support the health of our community and families.  Please stay in touch, continue to support our club’s activities for the future, join as a member, and be well.

For the latest mandates and updates:


We welcome the Public, our members and their guests to our 10:00 am Sunday morning trap shoots.  
We continue to follow any current Maine State mandated COVID 19 guidelines when they apply.  If you have a temperature or don’t feel good, please stay home for the safety of others.

Trap Shooting 

EVENTS for 2023 will be announced soon:

Come join the fun at the Annual Trap Turkey Shoot 2023. It usually takes place on a Sunday morning TBA 10:00 am.

Please try to show up before 11:00 am. Prizes will be awarded to the persons who break the odd colored clays so it is not based on scores.

Our fees: $6 for members and $8 for non members. Please bring correct change when possible. Bring you own AMMO. The AMMO types are listed below There will be refreshment available. See you there! Questions contact Joe Vincent.

SUNDAYS: Trap shooting at Falmouth Rod and Gun Club is opened to the public every Sunday year round except Christmas and Easter.

(Every third Saturday/We will schedule in the future and post here and calendar when active or SEE details after the regular SUNDAY TRAP INFO)

This schedule is dependent on weather conditions, and any closure will be determined on the morning of the shoot.

Please follow any mask or social-distancing requirements per the Trap coordinators on site during each event, as things change. Please be courteous and cooperative to ensure a pleasant experience for members and guests.

The range opens at 10 AM and continues until all shooters have finished or up until 2:00 pm. Please try to arrive before 11:30 to ensure we don’t close early.

The club does not sell ammo. No shot larger than #7 ½ is allowed with no more than 3 drams of powder. 

ATA gun safety rules are encouraged. Guns must be carried with muzzle facing forward and down, as well as down range at all times. Over / under shotguns must be kept open, as well as bolts back on autos, pumps, and bolt actions guns. Shells are not to be chambered until it is your turn to shoot on the line.

Club rules are posted on the range and should be read prior to shooting. Procedures will be explained to first time shooters at the Falmouth range. All Falmouth Rod and Gun Safety and Range Rules are in effect. Please follow all protocols to the on-site member-coordinators require to ensure a pleasant and safe experience for all. Be courteous and cooperative.

NO TRAP DOUBLES at this time. Stay TUNED


Trap Range