Trap Shooting

Trap shooting at Falmouth Rod and Gun Club is every Sunday year round starting at 10AM and continuing till 2PM, or so, depending on the shooters.

Trap shooting suspended on a Sunday only if  a hard freezing rain or the inablity to acually get to the club because of  heavy snow.

No shot bigger than #7 1/2  is allowed and no more than 3 dram of powder.

The club does not sell ammo.

During the winter there is a Winter League competetion that requires 100 shots a month to be counted and a shooter must declare the round for score before it is shot. That is open to the public as well as the general shooting. It is not required to sign up for Winter League and general trap shooting during winter is fully allowed.

All Falmouth Rod and Gun Club safety rules are in effect and ATA gun safety rules are encouraged. Guns must be carried with muzzel facing forward and down as well as down range at all time. OU must be keep open as well as bolts back on auto’s and pumps. Shells not to be chambered until it’s your turn to shoot on the line.

Guns may be carried on shoulder with barrel facing forward and one hand on the gun. Any club member that shoots a 50, 75 or 100 straight for the first time gets their name and the date engraved on the trap board in the club house.

Trap Range